Westside Boiler Invasion
What is Westside Boiler Invasion?

Westside Boiler Invasion is a high school robotics team located in West Lafayette, IN, that competes in the FIRST® Robotics Competition. But more importantly, Westside Boiler Invasion 461 is a program that inspires students to do more with their lives.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to inspire students to excel in STEM fields by providing them with hands-on, mentor-based experiences, allowing them to forge the path of tomorrow.

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What is our vision?

Our vision is to foster the education of the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

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How do we change lives?

FIRST® and Westside Boiler Invasion teach important skills to their members and community. Team involvement also strengthens students' life skills, particularly their organization, dedication, and capacity for hard work.

What do we do?

The FIRST® and WBI programs attract the interest of students in the fields of science and technology. These organizations affect everyone involved, including teachers, advisors, sponsors, and the community. While involvement in FIRST requires a lot of work, the work pays back tenfold.

Each January, FIRST® announces the rules for the year's game. The high school team members work with engineers, teachers, and college advisors to design and construct a robot to play the game. Constructing the robot is a difficult task--each team gets merely six weeks to complete it, after which teams compete in regional and national competitions. Although the competition and the building of the robot take only a few weeks, Westside Boiler Invasion works throughout the entire year.

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Mailing Address

Westside Boiler Invasion
PO Box 2734
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Meeting Address

1201 Cumberland Ave.
Suite B100
West Lafayette, IN 47906


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